Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A stitch in time

This goal was a 'must do', rather than a 'want to do', and it's no surprise that a stitch in time might have saved the nine I did tonight (so to speak). We didn't go dancing, and for some reason I felt the desire to attack the minor mending pile. (Similar to my urge to purge last week, I'm guessing.) Here's what I fixed tonight:
  • a ribbon on a keyhole top (not for the first time either)
  • the cuff on a pyjama top (which I won't be using again until next winter, but at least now it's done)
  • various patches on my wheat pack (ditto)
  • a flowy chiffon skirt, which fell apart after only washing it a few times
  • a negligee strap (ok, technically I did this one last week). I had only worn it a few times, too!
Here's hoping that's all for now, and that more items of clothing don't mysteriously fall apart in the next week while. Yay for goal #41 - Fix/sew up my clothes that need minor mending.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Good deal on getting something else accomplished! If you need more to mend, I think I have a couple of things!! LOL