Sunday, 7 November 2010

Scarecrows' big day out

This afternoon we drove over to the Wairarapa to check out the roadside scarecrows, part of the Scarecrows' Big Day Out happening yesterday. This 101 in 1001 activity only comes around once a year, so I was glad we had a sunny day and some time spare in order to complete #49 - Go to the Scarecrow Festival in Gladstone. Although we'd missed the Gladstone School fair and scarecrow scamper yesterday, we had lots of fun driving around the area to see the roadside scarecrows at people's gates.

The design for the roadside scarecrows are left to the imagination of each household. They are a combination of funny, clever and creative and we enjoyed driving along the country roads, slowing down as we neared another driveway, then jumping out of the car to take photos of the folk we encountered. Even the local pub got into the act with a very unfortunate incident involving Santa Claus and too much of the sponsors' product!

Here are some photo highlights from our day:
Chilled out

Shearer's quarters

Taking a breather

Too much beer in the sun for Santa!


Not fast enough

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Sarah said...

Fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing a few pics - hilarious scare crows!! I will have to book a weekend away for the whanau next year - my girls would LOVE to see those! I'll have to show them your photos tomorrow. Cheers! Have a good week :)