Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The taste of summer

We had summer on Monday. (Ha ha - this is an in-joke in Wellington, where all four seasons are known to be temperamental and likely to keep you guessing.) Although we got off to a stormy start can look forward to a wet and windy week, we have been promised a warm, dry summer. Bring it on!

With each season comes seasonal food or tastes that just seems to match perfectly. I'm not really one for Pimm's, but there is something about a cool Pimm's cocktail in a tall glass that conjures up images of summer garden parties. In fact, almost any drink in a tall glass goes well in summer, much like roast dinners being synonymous with cold, wintery weekends.

Here are some of the tastes I'm enjoying (and looking forward to) this summer.
  • Strawberries. It goes without saying that I will be gorging myself on these at every opportunity. Raspberries are also good, as is summer fruit in general.
  • Cherries. Delicious, dark red cherries with flesh that falls off the pit.
  • Cider, especially if it's Isaac's pear cider or Old Mout feijoa. So crisp and refreshing.
  • Scallops. I'd forgotten how good these are. More fleshy than oysters and far more tender and tasty than paua, I think scallops are becoming my seafood of choice.
  • Watermelon. Long hot days were made for cool, juicy watermelon. Vodka optional.
  • Gelato. Although this is a year-round treat in reality, Bon Bon Rocher gelato from Kaffee Eis is always a winner.
What's on your summer tasting list that I should add to mine?

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