Saturday, 20 April 2013

High tea at Logan Brown

Every so often, a friend and I decide to be ladies and do something posh. High tea at Logan Brown fits the bill perfectly - food pampering at its finest.

We are becoming connoisseurs of high tea. (Yes, I know it's technically afternoon tea.) There is something about tiny portions of food presented in 'order' that is incredibly appealing. Starting from the bottom, the savoury layer included salmon club sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches and a light quiche. The sweet layer in the middle had tiny scones with plum jam and cream, mini afghan biscuits and ginger cake with a rhubarb paste. Rhubarb and ginger was a refreshing flavour combination and the chocolate icing on top of the afghan was decadently creamy in texture. Finally, there was a citrus curd slice with what we think was crumbled raspberry macaron on top and a nut slice with a gooey salted caramel topping - a fantastic way to finish along with the sliver of dark chocolate peppermint slice that came with our coffees. (Yes, coffee. Not tea. They were happy to substitute for us, even though there was a two-page tea menu available.)

High tea at Logan Brown
High tea at Logan Brown is our favourite so far. We simply couldn't fault the food or service at all. From the phone call the day before confirming our booking and checking for food allergies to our service on the day, we felt like distinguished guests. Once we become ladies who lunch, high tea at Logan Brown will definitely be one of our regular activities.

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