Monday, 16 February 2015

Eddie Izzard - Force Majeure

Comedian Eddie Izzard came to town this weekend on his world tour, Force Majeure.

Looking incredibly sharp in an immaculately tailored Bond-esque dark suit and block heeled boots, Izzard took to the stage amid a flurry of lights and accompanied by a black umbrella and hat, both of which were quickly discarded. Bling was provided by way of sparkling earrings and a scarlet manicure - which perfectly matched his pocket square. And so the tone was set.

Izzard quickly got down to business with a somewhat prickly conversation opener: human sacrifice. Religion and history play a big role in his comedy and the pace of his storytelling is rapid, too fast even for hecklers to get a shout in. Concentrate and try to keep up or you'll be left behind! His dialogue and wit are equally matched: quick, sharp and all in the pursuit of wisdom.

The Death Star Canteen routine went down really well and the response from the audience showed that more than a handful knew it by heart. Here, it's been given the Lego treatment.

Force Majeure has been on the road for a couple of years now, travelling the globe and currently making its way around New Zealand. It's an excellent night of stories and belly laughs.

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