Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Dravuni Island

Just south of Suva in south east Fiji is the tiny tropical paradise that is Dravuni Island. This is the Fiji you see in postcards: coconut trees along the shoreline, white sand beach, crystal blue sea and endless sunshine. Our cruise ship had to anchor at sea and tenders brought us ashore to the centre of the island where the school is located. The island is tiny; you can cover it on foot with just a fifteen minute walk in one direction and ten in another. There is a small hill from where I’m assured the view is superb. Various snorkelling spots surround the main beach area and locals will take you out on scenic boat rides for a small cost.
Dravuni Island
Despite all my mixed feelings about Fiji and tourism endorsing its status as a military dictatorship, along with my general aversion to lying around on beaches, I thoroughly enjoyed the clichéd tourist experience of a few hours on Dravuni. After a quick look around the village and a wander along one of the main trails, we settled at a semi-shaded spot under a coconut tree and let the cathartic tropical air work its magic.
Dravuni Beach
The tiny village at Dravuni
Dravuni School
Colourful shirts and sulus on sale were flapping flamboyantly in the warm breeze from makeshift outdoor stalls. They were accompanied by the usual range of pendants, carved kava bowls and turtle memorabilia that you'll find anywhere else in Fiji. An offer of a ten minute head and shoulder massage for just $FJD10 was too good to turn down and I now have yet another sulu to add to my colourful collection of beautiful yet rarely used sarongs.
Beach side stalls
Then it was into the shallow water, crystal clear save for a few beach floaty bits that were easily swept away. As someone who is averse to cold water, I haven’t dipped more than an occasional toe in the sea in more years than I care to remember. The salt water's healing properties coupled with a relaxing massage did wonders for my tired, aching body and mind.
A sandy paradise
Vinaka, Fiji.

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