Friday, 27 April 2018

Kia orana, Rarotonga!

Kia orana! May you live a long and fulfilling life.
I have recently returned from nine glorious days in a tropical paradise. What's not to love about the Cook Islands? It's small and easy to get around, warm and friendly with plenty of things to do - or you can just enjoy some precious time out. The pristine beach scenes from the postcards are real. So is island time. Add a large whānau wedding to the equation and we had a first class experience of island hospitality.

I'm going to post some pictures and highlights of my holiday in the coming days. They're something I'll look forward to returning to during the long winter months ahead, when my feet are no longer criss-crossed by the tan lines left by my sandals and summer seems like an impossibly distant memory. Kia orana, Rarotonga.

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