Friday, 6 November 2009

Boys and their toys

Like most males, my sweetie likes his toys. As he told me shortly after we got together, "males don't grow up; their toys just get more expensive". He's 100% correct there!

Since the announcement more than a month ago that TiVo is coming to New Zealand, we've heard of little else. The excitement steadily built and 1 November (launch date) approached rapidly. Then 1 November became 6 November, and then there was some other complication about ordering or purchasing a unit ... the details wash over me, but there was almost a possibility that my sweetie might not be able to get his latest toy on the day it was released. Oh, the horror!

And then I get a txt this morning saying, "I have a tivo I have a tivo I have a tivo I have a tivo I have a tivo". Hallelujah! Apparently my life is that much more enriched now. As I write this, and while cooking dinner, he is programming until his heart's content.

The txt I received earlier in the week said, "I bought a helicopter". Yep, I always knew we needed one of them. The remote control helicopter arrived today, on TiVo day. Smiles all round. After unpacking TiVo from its box, it was the helicopter's turn. It crawled around the (small-ish) lounge a few times, then started to pick up some altitude, before clumsily coming to rest against the side of a speaker. Never mind - it's a calm, sunny day, so outside it was!

I stayed inside until I heard my name being called a few times, followed by "oh no, oh no!". The helicopter was airborne; no problems there. However, controlling where it went was a different story. My sweetie took off up the driveway, saying "I hope it stays on the street!". He rounded the corner, and returned a few minutes later, having rescued his helicopter from a nearby kindergarten, after being guided there by some neighbourhood kids.

The pogo stick hasn't arrived yet ...


donna said...

LOL I love it!!!!! I can't wait to hear what happens with the Pogo stick! I bet the helicopter is a blast though!

~JarieLyn~ said...

This made me chuckle. My husband likes expensive toys too. And he likes to play.

Pogo stick, are you serious?

Hop, hop, hop into a wonderful day.

Sweetie said...

You did not tell them about the money being spent on my most expensive toy yet :-P

Anonymous said...

and it was the wind that took my helicopter away :-P it's only a little helicopter so can not take any wind


Sab said...

And this is why shopping for guys at Christmas feels next to impossible... since nothing they want is within my price range (except movies... and who wants movies every year?)

Oh, and the pogo stick? I want to see pictures!