Thursday, 26 November 2009

The YouTube Game

A friend of ours likes to play The YouTube Game at parties. Apparently it involves someone choosing a genre, or a decade, or a musical style, or a key word (or something else) and types it into YouTube, then plays the first song that comes up in the search. Apparently it's a great thing to do at parties. Apparently it's lots of fun. I can't help but wonder whether I've misunderstood some vital detail along the way or if I've just missed the point entirely. She didn't manage to convince anyone to play this game the night she first explained it and I question her future success rate.

I was introduced to The Wonky Donkey tonight by The Well Read Kitty. Oh dear. Well, two can play at that game! Here are a few weird, wild, and wacky songs I dredged up from YouTube tonight. It's not quite The YouTube Game in its purest form, but I'm sure you'll get the picture. ;-)

Dominick the Donkey
This is my mother's staff request every Christmas from the radio station she works at. She would have us believe that the station is inundated with calls as soon as it is played from people asking where it came from; personally, we wonder if they're calling to have it stopped mid-track! Here is a homemade clip I found tonight.

Put the Lime in the Coconut
Every band needs a gimmick song in their repertoire, or one that sets them apart from every other band. This song is going to be our next band's gimmick.

Psycho Chicken
My sweetie thinks that this should be our gimmick song instead. He says that if we do play it then he will dance around in a chicken suit for us. Gee, thanks sweetie! Somehow, I can't see it happening.

Have you got something to top these three songs?


Sab said...

That Dominique song is so fun, haha! I love that one!

Crazy Tractor Man said...


Random Thoughts said...

Seriously I LOVE Dominic. I always have! I believe your mom about the calls in!