Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas cheer

'Tis the season for Christmas mayhem. Personally, I prefer to ignore the mass commercialism that bombards us from October each year; it's not what Christmas is really about.

This year, Christmas is going to be very different for my family. Our whole extended whanau is getting together for Christmas on the Chatham Islands, where our grandparents lived and our parents were born. Almost all 18 of my first cousins will be there, some coming from overseas and a few that we haven't seen since our grandparents' funerals about ten years ago. There are many children and partners that we haven't met yet, so this will be a rather large-scale introduction. We are expecting somewhere around 80 people for Christmas dinner! My sister-in-law and I are almost done with adding finishing touches to the Christmas baubles we are making for all the children. I have decided to make several batches of chocolate truffles to give as gifts and treats to all and sundry. They freeze well, so if I start soon then the task should be less onerous.

I met some former colleagues for brunch this morning. We managed to pick the day that summer finally decided to arrive in Wellington - and what a beauty it was! I had a list of errands to run in town afterwards and came across some very pleasant, less-intrusive reminders that Christmas is coming. I thought I'd share them with you and hopefully elicit a few smiles.

Large Christmas tree at Midland Park
I'm not sure how tall it is, but look at the height of the trees - pretty impressive without being overly ostentatious.

Salvation Army brass band playing Christmas carols
You know Christmas is coming once you hear these guys out in force. I was pleased to be able to make a small donation to support the work they do in the community.

Christmas cupcake designs at tempt
I got some good ideas here for decorating my own Christmas cupcakes, although I doubt they will look as perfect as these ones!

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Sab said...

Wow! I love that tree, and those cupcakes! I also agree that the commercialism of the holiday season is way overdone. I prefer to handmake my gifts... as a way of rebelling, haha.

You should bake cupcakes for people too! Although the truffles idea sounds lovely! When will we get to see the 'finished' ornaments you guys were working on? :)