Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lazy Sunday

The rain is taking a break but it's still duvet day weather. My sweetie left relatively early this morning for motorsport. I decided to stay in bed where it was warm reading, surfing the net, and generally lazing about. I was just boasting to the Twitterverse that "I'm still in bed! #luxury" at 10:45am when I got a text message from a friend. Here's how our exchange went:
Him: Hey, I'm in ***, are u at home? Lets have lunch.
Me: Fantastic! Do I need to get out of my jamies? ;-) [Thinking I still had an hour or so to spare]
Him: I'll be knocking on your door in 2 min.
Me: Ru serious?? Ok, getting up now.
Knock knock knock! [30 seconds later ...]
Now, I absolutely love spontaneous catch-ups with friends who are in the area, or just saying hi. I love "meet you for coffee in half an hour" messages or "what are you guys up to tonight?" phone calls. And then came that knock on the door. By now I had managed to get out of bed and pull on my dressing gown, but that was it.

My friend was looking like a shaggy dog after a disastrous first date involving a very long walk in intermittent rain and thwarted lunch plans. (He did a runner after their walk and before she could hold him to their promised lunch, coming around instead to elicit some sympathy and lick his wounds.) I figured he could wait a bit while I jumped into the shower and got dressed.

We had coffee and lunch at La Bella Italia, the home of indulgent southern Italian comfort food and the ultimate Sunday lunch. It's a while since I've been there, and their prices have gone up substantially in that time. However, as always, the food is superb and enough to sustain us all day. The rest of my day has been equally relaxing and indulgent: baking sultana loaf, followed by more net surfing, reading, and playing with my two-year-old nephew. Yep, a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Small Faces


Evelyn said...

Sounds like just a wonderful Sunday! Good for you, being sport enough to handle the 2 minute warning! :~)

Genki said...

What a lovely day! Spontaneous visits are fun indeed. I'm also enjoying your description of cold weather comforts recently - very evocative!