Monday, 31 May 2010

Some cool websites

It's Monday. The drizzle is still here. The lounge is still resembling a Chinese laundry, with our clothes racks vying for prime position in front of the heater as we are running low on clean clothes. The cat is still curled up in front of said heater, but will eventually venture out into the middle of the lounge floor once it gets too hot for him. (It's a tough life.) The sultana loaf I baked yesterday goes down beautifully with freshly brewed coffee. Yep, it's another wonderful work-from-home-and-catch-up-on admin day.

I've come across some cool websites lately and thought I'd share a few.

I came across this website when reading about the Free Store in Wellington and have subscribed to their weekly online newsletter. It's an eclectic site featuring a range of guest bloggers who merge ideas about optimism and sustainability without being too touchy-feely and green.

Contented blog: Content that makes people happy
This is a blog about web writing, an area I am getting into more as I start to develop my own business, but there are also lots of tips and tools that are relevant to other parts of my work and play. I love this post about crawling out of the big black to-do cloud. Sound familiar?

A great way to donate time or resources to charities if you're not sure how to approach them (or know what is needed). Charities can also create their own wishlists, which you can respond to and give your unloved things a new lease on life.

Another way to recycle your own stuff, with local branches in towns and cities. Advertise what you have available to donate, or ask for something you need. Everything is free!

This has revolutionised how I use my iPod touch. Each day, some top rated paid applications are released free for downloading. I'm now hooked on an awesome version of Sudoku, Moxie, iCut, and others.

1000 Awesome Things
I've already done a little rave about this awesome blog (no pun intended) but thought I'd give it another plug. Awesome things happen to us, and all around us, each day. Enjoy them!

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