Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Spring roundup

So, where did the past week or so go? The days are whizzing by like The Flash at the moment. I'm loving how our days are getting longer after a long, wet and dreary winter and look forward to daylight saving in a couple of weeks' time. I'm noticing that even in busy times there sometimes seems more hours in the day to do things if it's light when I get home from work.
  • Spring is here. We're still getting our fair share of rain, but I'm seeing apple blossom everywhere and little families of duckies along the riverbank beside work.
  • Some of my 'in between' clothes have started making it out of the wardrobe - not quite summer clothes yet, but no longer several winter layers, either. I can't wait until the day I can put my big winter coat in for dry cleaning and pack it away for another year.
  • I'm going through a ukulele feast at the moment, where almost every day at work offers another opportunity to play. While Tuesday is our regular ukulele orchestra day, there have been many other occasions when a ukulele is called for. Strange but fun.
  • I started my dream job last week. While a couple of days have almost entirely been written off due to an office shift and some big network outages, it's is such a buzz to be working back in a field that I love and have years of experience in. Full speed ahead!
  • While I never go far without my trust iPod, I'm finding it an absolute necessity at work during the day. I seem to be part of a pod of plugged-in colleagues, each with their heads down and their ears plugged in. It's good as I get to listen to some of my favourite music that I haven't heard in a long time. Someone next to me must have quite similar taste in music to me; I've wondered a couple of times if I've left my iPod going by accident. It turns out I can just hear it through his headphones.
  • I won tickets to see Shipwrecked! at Circa Theatre last week. While I usually review shows or events I've been to, I found it hard coming up with enough to say about the play. It was ok, if you're into that style of storytelling.
  • I went laptop shopping and cake mixer shopping this weekend. Yes, I'm planning to buy two toys for myself, hoping to make the most of the current prices before GST rises on 1 October. I've nearly made a decision on both items ...
  • I've found another local Zumba class on Sundays and it's absolutely free! I might even go next weekend. ;-)
How are things with you? What have you been up to lately?


Rosa said...

Oooh, so exciting on the new toy front. I'm such a gadget geek so am keen to hear on what you decide on (and why). :-) I got a new Dell earlier this year - for my use it was definitely the best price by a long way. And I eternally lust after mixers, but our apartment is too small, alas...

Alli said...

That's great. Hope you had fun looking for the laptop (and cake mixer)!

We're going into fall here which is my favorite season since all the leaves change to beautiful colors where I live. Although I definitely agree with you about the amount of daytime hours spring brings with it. It's always better to arrive home when it's still daylight!

Random Thoughts said...

The darkness creeps in earlier each night. The air is cool and crisp in the morning and evening however the sun can still warm us during the day. The apples are getting ready for picking and the pumpkins and haystacks are appearing on doorsteps. All signs that summer is ending and Autumn is on it's way.

Donna said...

We are the same way at work with our i pods. I don't know that I couldn't live with out mine. Congrats on the Job and I'm so jealous of the cake mixer!!!