Monday, 13 December 2010

When the going gets tough

I've had a crappy day. I won't go into detail other than to say that my workload doubled last week after the colleague I work closest with resigned and I'm worried about what type of person she will be replaced by.

When the going gets tough, certain things can always be relied upon to make things better for me:
  • Chocolate. Enough said.
  • Skoshes and cuddles from my nephew.
  • This song:

Every Night by Phoebe Snow
  • Going for a walk and visiting duckies.
What makes everything better for you?


    Donna said...

    What a great post. I think I'm going to snag it. But you're right, chocolate is the cure all.

    merinz said...

    Hope that you are all cheered up now! Good selection of pick me ups there!

    Sab said...

    Ooh... chocolate for me... although today I made myself sick on it. Didn't help that I've actually been sick most of the week... haha.

    I love the smiles and cuddles I get from my kids... that makes me so happy and just makes my day.