Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hunting for mojo

I've temporarily lost my blogging mojo or, more specifically, my ability to finish things I've started. Does anyone know where I might find it?

I'm not going to write about how I've got nothing to write about (or apologise for it). I won't even tweet about it. I know my mojo will be hiding somewhere. I have several posts started on this blog and my professional blog, along with several books and an almost-completed sewing project. There's some pretty big stuff going down at work at the moment - stepping in the right direction, but there is a long way to go yet. I'm sure this is contributing to my lost mojo. So, here's an abbreviated post of sorts until my mojo returns.
  • We went to the Government House open day on Saturday. I started writing a blog post about it but didn't finish uploading the photos I took. You can sure see that a whole lot of cha-ching has gone into the project, even without the appearance of apparent bling. I might get around to posting it someday.

  • We had dinner at Two Black Sheep Cafe and Baa on Saturday night and used our Spreets vouchers. We're doing well with getting a life via various daily deal sites.

  • I had a great girls' night out at Cafe Pasha on Friday night. I was completely thrilled when a young lady introduced herself to me as one of my former students. She was an 8-year-old in the second class I taught way back in 1998. Wow, she's all grown up now!

  • We are at the initial planning stages of renovating the kitchen. The renovations will be modest but exciting none-the-less. (That's another blog post I've started.)

  • Our kitten is now a very active and affentionate (like that word? = affection and attention) teenage cat. We are trying to train her to use the cat flap. She will go through it if pushed through paws first but would rather train us to open the back door for her every time she wants to come and go. It's a battle of wits!

  • I've got a great story about a friend's daughter's dinner party that I started writing about. Guests were required to bring a partner, a foreigner or an animal. Until I post it, you can let your imagination join the dots.
How's your week going? Have you ever lost your blogging/writing/tweeting mojo? Where did you find it?


Kez said...

I've had a bit of mojo loss in the last couple of weeks. Usually it happens when there's big stuff going on in my personal life that I can't blog about (no fair!)
or if I just need to get out more after a quiet period.
I find my inspiration in getting out and trying new things.
I am expecting my blogging mojo to bounce back in the next few weeks!

donna said...

I have had bouts of lost mojo. My blogging and tweeting mojo are often found with the housework fairy when they come up missing. I think it's sometimes because we pressure each other too much and just need a break.

I think you'll soon be busting out with awesome stuff so hang in there!

Maggie said...

Definitely know what you mean! I use to start (and still sometimes do) quite a few entries but forget about it and not finish them, especially if I need to upload photos and I just relegate it to the 'to do later/tomorrow' list >_<