Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Planning for Easter

I love the Easter break. It's the only time of the year when things truly slow down (or stop). A tradition of bad weather means that some long, lazy days can be had. As much as some people complain about the legislation dictating restricted Easter trading hours, I really enjoy a few days when there are few people about and even fewer places to be. Contrary to Christmas, there is far less pressure building up to the 'big event' and no requirements to be in several places at the same time. This year, Easter backs onto Anzac Day in New Zealand, essentially 'robbing' us of a public holiday; that's unfortunate, especially after missing out on Waitangi Day, which fell on a Sunday.

We aren't going away this Easter and will be at home for the holidays. There will be a fair bit of family time, some things to get done around the house and, hopefully, lots of relaxation. I am having an extended break and will be on leave for following week. I can't wait!

Here's what I've got planned for myself:
  • Start a knitting project for winter.
  • Have friends over for buttermilk pancakes and hot cross buns on Good Friday.
  • Bake molten chocolate cakes for my family's Easter dinner.
  • Bake a carrot cake for my sweetie's birthday dinner.
  • Eat chocolate. Come on, it's mandatory at this time of the year!
  • Get a haircut and get a real job. It's not the first time I've said that. I usually just get the haircut.
  • Have our kitten spayed and microchipped. Oh, she's going to really love us after that. (She'll get over it.)
  • Catch up with friends for coffee and lunch.
  • Go for walks when the weather is fine enough to do so.
  • Watch a few DVDs.
  • Read, read, read.
  • Sleep, sleep and sleep in. (Kitten, please take note!)
What are your plans for the Easter break?


Kez said...

My easter break shall be nice :)
My birthday is on Thursday so that evening I get to have (another) dinner with my family. On Saturday the same with the inlaws. On Sunday, we're taking a day trip to see friends (it used to be a whole weekend tradition but as we get older and busier we make it a lunch thing) at a place we used to stay (20 years in a ROW).
As for any moments in between? I plan on relaxing like a professional lazy person :)

Alli said...

You're got a good list going on there! Fantastic. :)

Molten cakes? You could count me in for sure. I could just hop over to New Zealand and try a bite. Yeah, that easy!

Enjoy the time off!