Thursday, 5 May 2011

Duvet days

We're having a couple of duvet days. It's unusual for my sweetie and I to be sick and off work at the same time but the winter lurgies have tackled us both. I can assure you that two days at home while feeling like this is not what it's cracked up to be. I thought I was feeling well enough to face work today (albeit slowly) but didn't want to jeopardise my day working out of town tomorrow. Seems like a wise choice; although I need to pop in to the office later on to pick up some things for tomorrow, I'm positive I wouldn't have lasted the day.

And so we have been rugged up at home, alternating between feeling hot and cold, whispering so as to not aggravate our sore throats and generally feeling sorry for ourselves. We've had our fill of comfort food (chicken and corn soup two nights in a row) and watched a couple of trashy movies (The Runaways and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - neither of which I'd particularly recommend). I've started a book but my concentration is sorely lacking. I daren't bake, even though some over-ripe bananas are begging to be turned into banana loaf. Woe is us! ;-)

Our kitten has recovered well from her surgery last week and we are literally counting down the hours until she gets her stitches out later this afternoon. She is letting us know very loudly that she has enough of this cabin fever. She is even less impressed that we are both home during the day and too lethargic to entertain her!

On the plus side, my supply of coffee and Berocca has been put to good use. I'm enjoying some new sounds thanks to a couple of CD purchases (well, not so new - Curtis Mayfield and Bob James). Friends (and the Twitterverse) helped solve my knitting woes and I am going to knit a moss stitch throw rug, just as soon as I get some wool. I've even found a Stitch N Bitch group to join!

How has your week been? Are you managing to keep the winter nasties at bay?

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