Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Golf driving range

Mondays are not known to be big nights out in our household. However, last night, thanks to a Grab One voucher due to expire on Thursday, we tried something new and went to the Silverstream Golf Park driving range. I can be partial to a spot of mini golf but have never played golf for real (nor do I aspire to). Whacking balls is a different story, though. ;-)

I know the absolute basics in theory about how to swing a golf club. This doesn't guarantee that is actually works in practice. The closest I have ever had to a golf lesson was taking part in a Kiwisport golf session where the children were taught the technique for swinging a golf club by using a giant flag. If the flag made a 'snap' as it was swung, you're doing something right. With this in mind, my objective last night was simply to hit some balls. Distance, height or 'targets' would be a bonus.

I'm pleased to say that I hit most of the 100 balls in my bucket first time! A few were too low, most were wonky, but some hit the 50 metre mark (just) or rolled beyond. Yay! Here's how the night looked for me:

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The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That is really cool, what a random Monday night!! Hahaha I love your diagram :p