Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Good morning

Yes, I know it's the afternoon but good morning kind of gives the flavour for this blog post. I was looking back through some unpublished draft posts and came across one with what seemed like a few random words but, upon closer inspection, made more sense.

Let me explain the title. To me, good morning is an oxymoron - you know, a phrase or figure of speech which combines contradictory terms. I have no objection to mornings; I just wish they wouldn't start so early in the day. Fun run is another oxymoron. Seriously, whoever looks like they are having fun while they are running? There is a list of funny oxymorons (or oxymora) which include examples such as adult male and clear as mud.

I looked at the words on my list and realised I'd written down some examples of personal food oxymorons. Yes, they're technically not oxymorons at all, but the principle remains: for me, they are examples of two things I like coming together to make something I intensely dislike. (There are some examples of actual food oxymorons here, but I like my definition better.)

How can it be possible that the sum of all the ingredients turns into something so contradictory? Here are some examples:
  • I love coffee. I love cake. I love coffee and cake together. But, coffee cake? No thanks!
  • I love cheese. (Mmmm, cheese.) And we already know that I love cake. So cheesecake would make perfect sense, right? Nope. Not for me!
  • I especially love chocolate. I also love hot cross buns - it's a heaven food for me. However, chocolate hot cross buns don't appeal to me at all.
  • Fruit jam. This one is slightly different. I love fruit and berries and I love sweet, sugary things. So why don't I like jam of any flavour?
What is an example of a food oxymoron for you, ie two ingredients you really like to eat coming together to make something you dislike?

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antony said...

how can you not like cheesechake :/