Saturday, 20 August 2011

#DailyBitch digest

We're off to the snow for a week. I guess it's ironic going to the snow after it came to us in such spectacular fashion earlier this week, but we've been looking forward to going away for quite a while now. We've packed up the car with far more stuff than we'll need but are bound to have forgotten some essentials. It will be good to have a change of scenery, time to catch up on some reading, drink lots of coffee (I've stocked up on fresh coffee beans) and catch up with a couple of friends during the week. Oh, and take some (more) skiing lessons. *gulp*

I don't have a fancy/smart phone that can get online so can't guarantee internet access during the week. How will I cope with a week offline? Well, I've managed it before (kind of - just) but hope to be able to check things on my laptop or iPod touch occasionally ... hopefully.

Just in case I can't get online every day, I'm going to post a digest of my #DailyBitch tweets in advance, because I know the Twitterverse will be hanging out for them each day. ;-) Really.

#DailyBitch digest
  • Saturday 20 August: "I want a man who is rich, sensitive and neutered." #DailyBitch
  • Monday 22 August: "I've stopped blaming my parents and started blaming my children." #DailyBitch
  • Tuesday 23 August: "Life is so much less stressful if you ignore." #DailyBitch
  • Wednesday 24 August: "I never hate myself in the morning; I sleep past noon." #DailyBitch
  • Thursday 25 August: "Nice outfit, girl. Skank convention in town?" #DailyBitch
  • Friday 26 August: "Some of my deepest insights are based on a lifetime of not giving a crap." #DailyBitch
  • Saturday 27 August: "The more men change, the less their underwear stinks." #DailyBitch
See you on the other side!

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Donna said...

I love it! Have an awesome trip!!! I'm so jealous of the snow right now! :)