Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy Friday

Some days are great days, just because. Today has been one of them. Nothing has been particularly spectacular, but the sun is shining on yet another lovely spring day and lots of little things have happened to make today and great one.

Here's what makes today a great day for me:
  • Someone randomly coming into our office offering us baked treats - a chocolate box or a sugared doughnut. Chocolate for breakfast? Don't mind if I do!
  • Having my new career (finally) confirmed in writing. Contract: signed, sealed, delivered.
  • Our manager bringing us home made chocolate cake that was left over from a meeting. We polished it off in two sittings. (Mental note: I must get myself invited to meetings that have chocolate cake at them.)
  • Coffee made by a superb barista. How we miss her when she is away.
  • Cheese Scone Friday with a colleague. As we sat down to enjoy our coffee and scones, we also conveniently managed to solve the problems of the world. Isn't the world lucky?
  • Lots of sunshine on a lovely spring day.
  • Our team winning our social petanque match during pool play at lunch time.
  • More chocolate cake for afternoon tea.
  • Feeling like I am actually getting somewhere at work.
  • It's Friday - and it has been all day. The only thing that can top that is Saturday and Sunday. Speaking of which ... it's time to go home and get the weekend started. :-)
Happy Friday, folks! How has it been for you?


Kc said...

Sounds like a good Friday! :) I found a lolly shop that sells peanut butter m & m's half the price they were in Dunedin so I'm a happy chappy :)

Have a good weekend!!


kimbirdy said...

what lovely things! i've been working a lot lately, but tonight is my last night for a couple weeks. i'm taking a little vacation and i'm so excited!

Susan said...

Um, ok you said "lovely SPRING day" and the blog was posted in September, guess I need to look at your profile. September for me is autumn *shrugs shoulders*.

Congrats on the new career in writing! And I totally agree with going to any and all meetings where chocolate cake is involved. See, I work night shift so I'm the last to arrive just minutes before everyone leaves and when they have chocolate, cake or cookies I'll be lucky if they save me a crumb of cookie, a smidget of chocolate icing or the box to sniff the assorted chocolatey scent!! sigh, I need chocolate and since it's halloween I'm going to use that as an excuse to buy some