Thursday, 1 September 2011

Random Acts of Kindness Day 2011

It's 1 September, which means that it's the first day of spring! Daffodils, lambies, and apple blossom are our rewards for surviving winter and promise us that sunshine and warmer weather is on the way. We'll have baby duckies visiting us at work within the next few months and Tulip Sunday is just around the corner. *contented sigh*

It is also Random Acts of Kindness Day here in New Zealand, which I was reminded of via Twitter this morning. Two years ago, I popped some baking into a few letter boxes. (I don't know what I was up to this time last year - somehow the day just passed me by.)

This morning, as I went to buy my regular coffee, I paid for another and asked for my barista to not tell the lucky recipient who the gift was from but to just give them this "You've been RAKed" card. "Ah, it's Random Acts of Kindness Day!" she said. "I wondered if we'd get any of these."

It was a quiet morning in the cafeteria but I hung around discretely for a few minutes to see the reaction of the next person (I couldn't help myself). A very good friend walked in ... I watched ... and she only ordered food - sooooo close! I have no idea if anyone will 'pass it on' but my goal of randomly brightening someone else's day has hopefully been achieved. I'm sure the barista will fill me in tomorrow on where my RAK ended up.

Did you RAK someone (or were you RAKed yourself)?


Kez said...

I love the idea of RAK day! I used to do things occasionally like buy an all day parking ticket (lasted about 12 hours) when I was only going to uni classes for a couple of hours (in a very busy cafe/shopping strip). I would then return to the carpark and give the ticket to whoever was about to put money in the meter. The look of surprise when I ran up to them to do something nice (rather than creepy or weird) was priceless.

Katie said...

Love the coffee idea. I bought some flowers for my boss and childminder and baked muffins/bought lollies and chocolate for my work mates and husbands workmates! Had lots of fun.
I'm also giving away a set of notelets on my blog :-)

Donna said...

what a lovely idea!!!!

Ours is Feb 17th, I'll be sure to mark it on my calendar. What a lovely way to celebrate it.

Anonymous said...

What a great day! i'm not sure if we even have that here but i know where i live a lot of people have been doing the "pay it forward" in drive thrus!