Sunday, 24 June 2012

The caffeine curve

As I was waiting for my coffee order one morning, a colleague and I got chatting about our workloads and pondered how we could possibly manage to get everything done between now and home time before repeating it all again the next day. She commented that it was definitely a 'five cup' day for her; she simply wouldn't make it otherwise. Five cups? Of coffee?? Wow! (We're talking real coffee here - instant doesn't even enter our vocabularies.)

Now, it's no secret that I love coffee (and everything associated with it), but apart from serious all night study sessions, my days of five cups of coffee are long gone. I told her that this was to be my one and only cup to savour and it would help me get through the day. She looked at me somewhat suspiciously, questioning my ability to survive with just one shot of caffeine and introduced me to the caffeine curve. She couldn't wait to bring me a copy once we had returned to our offices. We closely examined the graph and plotted ourselves on it. It was then that I clearly understood how she could transform into Superwoman so effortlessly each day.

Whereabouts on the caffeine curve are you?


LatteJunkie said...

Now I'm on a 3-a-day but when I was teaching it was 5 or 6 but only 4 of which were "proper" coffee :D

Janine said...

well I was on two a day and a coke zero. I weaned myself of the coke zero and only drink this once in a blue moon. I then only drank one coffee a day and a week and a half ago I went down to no coffee. Yippe I am caffeine free at the moment. I am giving it up for two months to see if it helps with some health issues. What I have discovered is how I miss the smell and the habit of drinking it. I am talking real coffee here too. Our poor machine at home will wonder what has happened.

Anjuli said...

So has the curve encouraged you to drink more coffee? Or are you still sticking to your one savoured cup a day? :)
I have to give up coffee in about 4mths time so am trying to decide if I enjoy as much as possible in the next 4mths or try and wean myself off it so its not so hard to give up (i currently have only 2 single shot coffees a day so not heaps anyway)