Monday, 11 June 2012

Which type of Muppet are you?

I don't think people appreciate just what a die-hard Muppets fan I am. I'm not talking about Muppet movies and the annoyingly cutesy pie Elmo here, but the original Muppet Show. This is my mobile phone ringtone and this is my txt message tone. The Muppet Show Album from Season 1 is always on my iPod, even when space is at a premium. To me, being called a Muppet is actually a compliment, not an insult. As musicians, Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem truly rock. Get it?

When surfing the net today, I came across an opinion piece likening everyone's personality to one of two Muppet types. Muppet Theory - cool! Apparently we are all either a Chaos Muppet or an Order Muppet. Think about it: the fuzzy blue Chaos Muppets are busy rushing around being creative and impestuously chasing cookies (chocolate/coffee/cheese) while the Order Muppets are neurotically perplexed by keeping the show going. As in any kind of relationship or workplace, a healthy balance of chaos and order Muppets is essential.

I took a bunch of Which Muppet are you? quizzes and, interestingly enough, every single result was different, ranging from Bunsen Honeydew to Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog to (shock, horror) Sam the Eagle. Maybe being a bit of both actually makes me a Faux Chaos Muppet? It certainly sounds appealing.

Which type of Muppet do you think you are? And which type would you family and friends think you are?

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