Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chocolate out of the wrapper: The inside story

I have had a lifelong love affair with chocolate. Actually, that's not true; an affair would imply something secretive or hidden. I have long professed my belief that chocolate could quite possibly be the world's most perfect food. Recently, I celebrated an occasion where I enjoyed chocolate treats from here and here and here. I also baked cupcakes with liberal doses of these products. Nom!

Last night, I stepped it up a notch with a Wellington on a Plate festival event. Chocolate out of the wrapper: The inside story sounded just like my kind of good night out. We learned all about different varieties of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, and sampled bars made from different varieties of beans as well as single origin. (See, I'm learning how to talk the talk!) Did I mention there were samples? Oh, my!

Jo Coffey from L'affaire au Chocolat in Berhampore was our host for the evening. We alternated sampling about 12 different types of chocolate with learning about how chocolate is made, its history and the origins of the beans. Every time Jo's alarm went 'ding', it was time for another sample. (We really need one of those alarms at home!) Chocolate bars of note for me included two Pralus varieties, one each from Republique Dominicaine and Madagascar, and a bar from El Ceibo made by a Bolivian cooperative and featuring tiny bits of cocoa nib and salt, giving it an interesting texture.

... and the goodie bag? I don't think it's going to last long. ;-)

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