Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Things I'm loving

Here we are at the start of the eighth month of 2012. How the year has flown! We are just one month away from my favourite season, spring, and I saw daffodils and freesias in the supermarket today as early teasers that we don't have too much longer to wait until the weather improves. Reflecting after a family bereavement this week, I can see there are lots of exciting big and little things going on at the moment for me and those around me. Life is good - remember to enjoy every moment you can, for you never know when it will be your last.

Things I'm loving right now:
  • The paddle attachment on my Kenwood mixer. Is there anything it can't do?
  • Everything Kindle - the way to read.
  • Knives - sharp ones. So very practical. So very satisfying.
  • The Olympic Games, where I get to be a judge awarding points and deducting penalties in sports I know nothing about, all from the comfort of my armchair.
  • Baking, baking and more baking. I agree that baking is therapeutic. I'm sure those who get to sample my kitchen creations are also happy with this addiction of mine.
  • Early birthday presents, especially when they come from The Chocolate Story. Nom!
  • Brunch with friends. It is fast becoming my favourite meal of the day.
  • Birds singing in the trees - even the one that sounds like a car alarm.
What's good for you at the moment?

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Kez said...

What's good for me today:

1. My Little Mister! At almost 9 months old he's crawling and his personality gets more and more "him" every day. I love it :)

2. I went "public" with my blog, as in I made a facebook page and invited my real life friends to view it! A big step for me but it has been so positive sharing my experiences (and writing) with people who know me and care about me :)

3. I saw a couple of good friends yesterday and it was the kind of catch up where you feel so energised and happy afterwards :)