Sunday, 18 November 2012


It is three months until Round the Bays hits Wellington and I am putting a team of walkers and runners together to enter this event. As a walker, I really enjoy the scenery around our coastline and look forward to three months of summer walks, so long as the weather behaves!

I have been playing around with MapMyWalk and went for my first walk with it today. MapMyWalk is a free multi-platform mobile app that uses a GPS tracker to stalk you while you are out walking. In return, it provides you with statistics about your workout, including the distance travelled, your speed, how long you have been walking, minutes per kilometre, as well as records of other stuff like food and nutrition, calories burned etc. Your stats are recorded within the app and you can also access them online, keeping a cumulative record of each workout or editing them to build up a picture over time. You can link your account to automatically brag about your workouts on Facebook or Twitter (I haven't) and even create a walking club to compete with your friends, if you are that way inclined. (I'm not.)

Although this morning's walk was not particularly remarkable, I enjoyed keeping track of my walking distance and statistics as the blue line tracked me down the road and back home again. Let's see what my account looks like in three months' time!


Anonymous said...

This app looks worth a try! I use Nike + Running, but we don't actually run haha. It might be good to use something that is geared more for walking. Might recommend it to my husband too. He's taken up the hobby of hiking and I know he's really interested in tracking his bigger walks.

~JarieLyn~ said...

This app sounds intriguing. I need something like this to help keep me motivated.

Katie said...

I've used Map My Run before - as a walker but not Map My Walk - will have to look that one up. As it will be our 1st summer in Wellington I'm keen to take part in Round The Bays - it should be good!
Also - I've started a Wellington Bloggers page on my blog ( and added you on - I hope that's okay? No worries if not, let me know and I'll take you off. And please let me know if you can think of anyone else to add :-)