Thursday, 31 January 2013

A summery summary

Hello! No, this is not another case of blog neglect, even though it may look that way. I can assure you that there are several draft posts fermenting in the background that I’m hoping will see the light of day soon. There has been plenty going on lately, with most days resembling this picture, so here’s a quick round up:
  • Today's date is a palindrome (31/1/13). I think that's kind of cool.
  • Wellington is (un)officially enjoying the bestest summer ever. It’s even as good as the nostalgic summers of childhood. It’s not so much fun, though, when the heat keeps you awake during the night and right through the bleak ‘contemplating life’ hours between 12-3 am.
  • I’m on a long, slow path towards developing scone competency. The Baker Man’s and lemonade scone recipes may have moved me away from being scone challenged and my practice attempts are slowly improving. Yay!
  • I discovered by accident that mildmint striped toothpaste is not actually mint flavoured but instead tastes like bubble gum. It’s strangely fun and weird all at the same time.
  • I had a “can’t believe my eyes” moment this morning as I was walking down Victoria Street. A young guy in front of me was walking along with his top off. Fair enough; I guess he is entitled to and it’s very hot this week. However, his pants were halfway down his butt, exposing a good 5-6 inches of his striped boxers and leaving a muffin top. I was desperate to get close enough to take a photo but realised how dodgy that would look. Besides, I really didn’t want that pic in my Twitter stream!
  • Zeffer apple cider may have moved into top place in my cider rankings. It is a crisp, dry and incredibly refreshing summer drink.
  • My barista misses me when I’m not around … although he might be as confused as I am these days. He insisted I walked past the café yesterday and didn’t go in. I’m pretty sure I worked from home yesterday and made my own stovetop espresso, but it looks like I was snapped going to the dark side of the force on Tuesday when I met a friend for coffee elsewhere. Sorry – I won’t stray tomorrow!
  • Our air con is on the blink and has been for some time. It’s 26 degrees inside the office and there is no ventilation. My little desk fan is earning its keep this week! It’s bad enough for even the air con man to wait outside for a part to arrive instead of sweating it out with the rest of us.
  • Sevens weekend is about to kick off with the parade at lunch time and the party starting tomorrow. I am looking forward to Wellington’s waterfront turning into a colourful and crazy party zone, even if I won't be joining them this year.
  • The air con is still broken and can't be fixed today, or even tomorrow …
What's news with you?

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