Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Boil the Frog

I found a cool app via Mashable this morning. Boil the Frog creates a progression between two artists, a kind of musical evolution. It creates a playlist complete with album art that you can listen to online. The example given shows how Miley Cyrus can morph to Miles Davis in 18 songs and, surprisingly, it makes sense. It is incredibly addictive!

I tried it out by turning my iPhone onto shuffle and entering in the next two artists. It took 19 songs to get from Rosemary Clooney (don't ask) to Al Green. Wow!

Give it a try! Enter your favourite artists or the two most random ones you can think of. Don't just think about the difference in years between the artists; genre, instrumentation, country and so-called 'popularity' all produce varied results. I had some fun with these combinations:
  • Tom Petty --> Adele in 16 songs. (That surprised me.)
  • Chuck Berry --> Cyndi Lauper in 14 songs
  • The Who --> Sinead O'Connor in 9 songs
  • Patti Page --> Rammstein took a bit longer with 26 songs.
  • Prince --> The Hollies in 10 songs
  • Split Enz --> Diana Ross in 11 songs
  • The Pogues --> Fiona Apple in 11 songs
I forecast hours of geeky musical fun on the way!

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