Sunday, 28 July 2013

Something good in every day

I've been unwell this week. The days have languished in a tangle of coughing, spluttering, broken sleep and meds only to intensify during the night in preparation for a repeat performance the next day. Sometimes it's been hard working out what day it is (or which way is up) but I came across this quote and thought about how true it is. Once again, it's the little things (and Irish Moss) that make life good every day.

Things I'm loving right now:
  • Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter. I'd always known it was good. Thanks to The Food Show, I'll be reminded just how really really good it is for the foreseeable future.
  • Wentworth. Prisons fascinate and horrify me in equal measure. This series dishes up dramas that feed both reactions each week. 
  • On Song by Simon Sweetman. I finally got into reading my Christmas present and kicked it off by listening to Don't Dream It's Over four times in a row.
  • Baking with all things caramel. Traditionally not my favourite flavour, caramel is quickly ascending the popularity ranks largely due to baking with super-ingredient caramel condensed milk.
  • Stray Cats. This would have been such a fun band to play in back in the day.
  • Vanilla Shott in coffee and hot chocolate. Vanilla is no longer the code word for 'plain' or 'no flavour'.
  • Taties - relive 80s nostalgia with at a Bin Inn near you.
What's good in your day?

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