Monday, 13 January 2014

Note to self about holidays

I have made a lifelong career out of learning in all its shapes and forms. However, I have a history of not really learning (from) the most important things. My recipe for living has been hugely valuable and I followed it up with some life lessons for 2014. Now, after a couple of weeks to think about and reflect on life, I want to create myself a reminder for future breaks and holidays.

My staycation has been great, even if the weather didn't come to the party. The main thing is that it gave me time and permission to relax - something I'm not usually good at. It has left me with some points to remember next time.

Note to self about holidays:
  • Sleep for as long (and late) as you need to each day. You have a lot of sleep to catch up on from during the year.
  • Bathe yourself in as much music as you can. Turn up the sound. You don't need to listen through earbuds during the holidays.
  • Read, read, read - or repeat the step above if you don't feel like reading any more. The same applies to watching DVDs. Make the most of your Fatso subscription.
  • Make sure you have a good supply of fresh coffee beans and vanilla Shott.
  • Go for long walks whenever it is sunny. Replenish your body's level of vitamin D.
  • Socialise or don't socialise. If opportunities come up, take them but don't feel pressured to run around and organise things for everybody. You do enough of that during the year.
  • Entertain once or twice. The house is never as clean as when guests are on their way around!
  • Never work on Christmas Eve, even though you have done it in the past. Instead, allow yourself a precious day or two to relax and quietly prepare for Christmas Day. Even better, find a little person to bake gingerbread with while singing and dancing to cheesy Christmas carols. It feels fantastic!
  • Never start back at work after a break (or start a new job) on a Monday. After just a day or two, you will be hanging out for Friday ... and that's a pretty stink feeling if it's still a few days away.

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