Monday, 12 May 2014

Single Origin Monday

Ahh, coffee. It's my preferred feelgood pick-me-upper – but strictly one a day for me, for various reasons. Because of this, I make my daily coffee a good one. It is something I look forward to enjoying and drink mindfully; I don't gulp down buckets of instant each day and call it "time for a coffee" every hour or so (like my manager – but don't worry, I'm doing some 'educating' there).

One of my coffee locals, Superfino, features a different single origin coffee bean each week. I usually waltz past the sign each day and order my takeaway latte (or don't even need to do that as they know my regular order), but last week, the coffee menu caught my eye. As a stovetop espresso drinker in weekends, I like to experiment with different types of beans and learn about their origins. Basically, what you grind and brew directly affects the flavour nuances you get. And so an idea was conceived and Single Origin Monday was born.

Be warned that I do intend to cheat and add sugar to my espresso. Don't judge me - my barista has already done that once he got over the shock of me drinking black coffee bug before realising he had already got rid of the bag saying where this week's single origin beans came from. Never mind!

So, today kicks off Single Origin Monday. Much like Cheese Scone Friday, which is my reward for surviving another week intact, I see Single Origin Monday as a great way to kick start the working week with a concentrated shot of caffeine. During winter, it may also be just the reason to get out of bed on a Monday morning. I also look forward to caffeinating my way around the world, if such a thing exists.

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