Friday, 13 June 2014

No Such Thing As A Fish

I really enjoy QI. We have a season pass set up to record all new episodes and reruns as there are dozens of shows we haven't seen during its phenomenally long run over the years. QI's timeless format is enduring; the only way we can date most episodes is by judging the length and state of Stephen Fry's (or Alan Davies') hair.

No Such Thing As A Fish is a weekly podcast produced by the QI elves (researchers). Each elf takes their turn to present their favourite fact from the previous week and this leads to some intense yet hilarious discussion and debate. For example, did you know that rats were once the size of hippos and that in 2003, three people in Mexico were officially listed as having died of acne? Neither did I, but I do now! Who knows when I'll be able to pull those random facts out at a party? ;-)

The sharp, snappy format of No Such Thing As A Fish keeps things moving along at a rapid pace. There is a list of episodes here, but I suggest you start at the beginning and keep going - you'll soon be hooked. Each one is full of the stuff that drives trivia quizzes and I'm hoping they will help me regain my ability to impress, all the while honing my former legendary ability to retrieve irrelevant minutiae at just the right place and time.

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