Sunday, 1 June 2014

Winter wonders

Today is the first official day of winter and the overnight frosts this weekend have well and truly announced its arrival. Winter is not my favourite season but I have to admit that it does have some pretty darn amazing redeeming features. Beautiful, crisp mornings like today act like silver linings that contrasts short, dreary days filled with wind and rain.

Here are just a few things I love about winter:
  • Merino everything: hats, tops, wraps. 
  • Scarves: warm ones, colourful ones and scarves you can knit for others.
  • Hot chocolate, especially when made with Bohemein dark chocolate tricks.
  • A roaring fire place, although I usually need to borrow someone else's to enjoy this.
  • Soup: vegetable soup, pumpkin soup, minestrone ... let your food imagination run wild.
  • Mulled wine (although, if I'm honest, I far prefer the smell of it mulling that its taste).
  • Boots. Long ones, short ones, elegant ones and puddle stompers.
  • Goose down duvets (and sometimes extra duvet layers) for night time snuggles.
  • A good storm, but only once I'm safely inside and wrapped up warm with no plans to leave the house.
  • Bed socks: the only kind of socks that are ever acceptable to wear in bed.
  • Cashmere lined kid leather gloves made in Italy, for a little bit of luxury every cold day.
  • Freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven. Actually, these are good in any season!
Wrap up warm, folks. Winter's going to be hanging around for a while. :-)

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