Tuesday, 21 October 2014

National Nut Day

Apparently it's National Nut Day today. Surely that's something to make you smile! Actually, I think it might an overseas event that we are jumping on board with a day early but I'm happy to celebrate it in our own little patch of the world.

Ahh, nuts. Yummmm! So much natural goodness. I buy raw mixed nuts each week and we enjoy them as a healthy protein-filled snack. Make no mistake: they're not cheap but the health benefits are numerous. 30 grams (literally just a handful) provides a huge number of healthy cholesterol-lowering fats, antioxidants, Omega-3 and fibre - and they taste great.

I can take or leave peanuts and don't care much for raw hazelnuts but have a bag of them on hand ready to be roasted and converted into this delicious chocolate and hazelnut cake when the right occasion presents itself. Cashew nuts are an easy entry on my heaven food list and Brazil nuts and almonds have always been favourites of mine, either raw or coated in delicious chocolate. I frequently bake with walnuts; they are a cheaper alternative to pecans and taste very similar and pistachios make fun party snacks. I'm making myself hungry!

I really feel for those who have nut allergies or develop an intolerance of nuts during their lifetime. I can't imagine how scary it much be to react so severely to something you might not even know is in the vicinity.

Join me in going nuts on National Nut Day today. (Chocolate coating optional.) ;-)

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