Monday, 6 October 2014

Sparkling high tea

The only thing more indulgent than high tea on a Sunday afternoon is high tea with bubbles. This weekend, we were guests of the Amora Hotel for sparkling high tea. Our quest to become ladies continues!

The menu was divided into two categories, rather than three, but featured many of the staples you'd expect from a traditional high tea. Coffee arrived and the bubbly was poured while each item was introduced by the pastry chef. He suggested starting at the top with scones and friands, then working down the tiers through sandwiches and savouries before finishing with sweet treats at the bottom - almost the total opposite to how we've become accustomed to taking high tea. Although it was tempting to start with something sweeter, we reverted to what we knew about being ladies and began with sandwiches after all.

Sparkling high tea
The sandwiches were beautifully fresh and oh so delicate. The lamb and rosemary sausage rolls were a novel addition to the menu. I enjoyed the mini meringue with hazelnut truffle and the marmalade sweetened Devonshire scones served with cream. The standout item for me was the chocolate and cherry tartlet made with delicious chocolate marquis. Yum!

Sparkling high tea is fun way to wile away a Sunday afternoon with friends. Thanks to the Amora Hotel for this lovely prize.

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Ness said...

Wow! YUM.

I have been to 2 x High Teas in Wellington now so I would be keen to try the Sparkling High Tea :)

This made me LOL "we reverted to what we knew about being ladies and began with sandwiches after all."