Thursday, 19 March 2015

Afternoon tea at Louis Sergeant

Yesterday, I treated a foodie colleague to afternoon tea at Louis Sergeant in Featherston Street. From the moment you pull open the wide, heavy door you get the feeling of entering a French salon - not that I've ever experienced this for myself but this is how I imagine they would be. Tables were buzzing with conversation over delightful treats. What's not to love?

My phone was out of my bag as quickly as my eyes popped out of my head and I instantly became one of 'those' foodies who feel compelled to photograph everything I'd eaten, as well as things I hadn't. Feast your eyes on this beautiful display counter full of immaculately constructed treats.

Feast your eyes
More to drool over
It was incredibly hard to choose. I settled on a hot chocolate with Religieuse Belle Hélène, choux pastry filled with a 70% dark chocolate mousse and a light pear puree. The pear puree balanced the richness of the dark chocolate beautifully and the smooth mousse inside the choux pastry melted in my mouth.

Religieuse Belle Hélène
Afternoon tea at Louis Sergeant was just what we needed for a mid-week treat and to break our 3.30-itis. We can't wait to come back for high tea!

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