Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tiny potato widsom

Someone we are very fond of has recently embarked on a journey of personal development. He is highly accomplished in his current field (and several others) but lacks confidence in his ability to cope with studying towards his dream profession.

We know he'll be fabulous at whatever he does and that once he finds his feet he'll do really well with his study and future career. But how do you convince someone that your belief in them should spill over? Motivational quotes help some people.

This morning, three tiny potatoes presented him with our favourite motivational quote du jour. It's currently pinned to our office wall ... but I guess you need to know us and our work environment to understand how it sums up our humour and the manner in which it's intended. Luckily, he did!

Thought for the day: believe in yourself and never doubt tiny potato wisdom.

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