Sunday, 26 July 2015

Wellington Regional Sugarcraft Competition 2015

The Wellington Regional Sugarcraft Competition and Exhibition was on at The Dowse this weekend. This small exhibition of competition entries provides great cakespiration for the sugarcraft minded, expert decorators, or wannabes like me. There were also goodies to purchase on the way in and out, so I managed to add a few more silicone moulds to my collection of decorating stuff.

There are 18 different categories ranging from formal wedding cakes to miniature cakes, floral sprays, painted plaques and various novelty items. There was a bit of a pirate theme going on in many of the categories and thankfully only two minion cakes. I was sad to see many yellow labels saying "damaged in transit". It must be gut wrenching to spend hours putting in such care and attention only to have your masterpiece not quite look as you'd intended it to.

Here are the cake designs that particularly caught my eye.

I like the use of embossing to create a textured fabric look.
This cake was decorated by a 10 year old.

I love the interwoven edging around this cake.
This is the cake I most wanted to reach out and touch.

This clever macaw was too cute to pass by.

A simple and effective design,
beautifully decorated by yet another talented 10 year old.

A pirate chest of treasures.

This is the perfect cake for someone who sews or is a craft expert.
I gave this cake my vote for the people's choice award.

A very detailed sewing machine.

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