Saturday, 16 January 2016

High tea at Hippopotamus

Having done most of the rounds of high tea in Wellington these past few years, I've been determined to save the best for last. High tea at Hippopotamus Restaurant in the Museum Hotel is one of two grand high teas that I've been looking forward to for a very long time. Today's high tea celebrating a friend's birthday was a very grand affair.

There are several high tea menus to choose from. Given that Hippopotamus is as well known for its celebrated cocktails as for its food, I had the hip high tea of savoury and sweet treats, coffee (instead of tea) and a refreshing apple daiquiri for $45. What was even more special for me was the attention paid to special dietary requirements. I'd asked for capsicum-free food and mine was specially presented deconstructed on an elegant board. Others shared the traditional three-tiered presentation.

Deconstructed high tea at Hippopotamus
We worked our way through nine impeccably presented items across three courses. There were so many flavours presents that I couldn't identify them all (or remember them afterwards), but included a ham club sandwich, arancini, egg savoury, salmon terrine, lemon meringue tart, cherry and chocolate cupcake, mandarin and coconut creme mousse and chocolate custard filled mini eclairs.

The silver service and ambiance of the Museum Hotel makes high tea at Hippopotamus Restaurant an elegant step back in time to enjoy the finer things in life for a few hours.

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