Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Pink Ribbon morning tea

During the month of May, people come together to host Pink Ribbon Breakfasts all around the country. Apparently eight women a day are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand. This year the money raised from pink ribbon events will be used to fund vital research projects and medical grants to help improve the survivorship of breast cancer in New Zealand.

My workplace decided to simultaneously hold a Pink Ribbon morning tea in all three of our offices (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) today. Volunteers each prepared a plate and everybody brought cash or donated online. We ended up with a selection of pink savoury and sweet treats including pink salmon, pink devilled eggs, cupcakes, marshmallow slice, raspberry meringues, crackers and various pink dips (salmon, beetroot and horseradish were the winners).

Pink Ribbon morning tea
We also had some pink goodies to buy and a super-shiny donation box - just in case anybody wasn't sure where to put their money.

Pink goodies and donations
We aimed to raise $500 across all three offices. The donation box will be out for another day or two while the IOUs flow in, then I will tally up our donations and submit them via the Pink Ribbon website. It feels wonderful to be involved in such a positive event at work, where everybody contributes and supports such a worthy cause.

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