Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tommy Tiernan - Out of the Whirlwind

The New Zealand International Comedy Festival has kicked off around the country. We always look forward to a show or two, especially if it means we can take advantage of seeing some of our favourite international comedians on stage instead of on television.

Last night, we saw Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan in Out of the Whirlwind. Resplendent in double denim, Tiernan's stand up comedy show is a whirlwind of mischievous storytelling. Described as having "no manners on him", absoultely nothing is sacred: religion, sexism, homophobia, racism ... somehow you can get away with more when you have a charming Irish accent (although one particular Stuff reviewer begs to differ).

Tiernan plays the audience and microphone well. He is proficient at a huge number of accents (except for Belgian - you'll see) and can pull a story out of almost any situation. Take, for example, a topic as mundane as drinks. Sure, Europe enjoys their wine, but the Irish are masters of anger in a glass, otherwise known as whiskey.

Whatever your tipple, you'll laugh, be offended, then forgive Tommy Tiernan all at once during his two 45 minute sets. The tour wraps up in Christchurch tomorrow night before picking up again in Edinburgh in August.

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