Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Brain Stuff podcast

I've listened to more podcasts during the past two years than ever before. They are a convenient way of accessing information and entertainment on the go and an easier way to multitask when you've got other things to do. They're also great if I'm too tired to read, which is challenging if I'm lying down with my eyes closed.

Brain Stuff from HowStuffWorks is a short, snappy daily podcast that covers almost every topic you can think of as well as dozens you never thought to ask about. Each episode is 4-7 minutes long, which leaves just enough time to fold some washing, empty the dishwasher or get dressed. Find out why helium makes your voice squeaky, try and understand why we sleep, learn about London's train for the dead and explore thousands of other topics.

If you like Stuff You Should Know, the formula will be familiar and the style appealing. Grab one or binge on a few; they're easy to follow and a good way to learn something new every day.

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