Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I love a good, well thought-out thriller or drama. I prefer movies that are driven by character development, rather than relying on plot, setting, or special effects to make an impact. Crash (2004/I) has several stories which interweave during two days in Los Angeles and involves a collection of inter-related characters.

Crash highlights just how little we know about each other, and also ourselves. It shows that, no matter how someone appears to be on the outside, everyone has a vulnerability and, often, the source of this vulnerability is family. Our outward actions are influenced by our pasts and inner conflicts, even if others don't see what they are, and our perceptions of those we come into contact with are based on a long history or life story that we may never know about.

I won't give anything away about the goings-on in this film, except to say that I'm still thinking about the characters three days after watching it. It's not often that I'm affected in this way by a movie. Definitely one to watch again.

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