Saturday, 23 February 2008

My new toy

I have a new toy. I've now got a Nokia 6234 as my work phone. I'm not majorly into phone features and gadgets. In all honesty, I was just thrilled to get a phone that I didn't have to charge twice a day, and one that has buttons which work when I push them (and not all the ones around that button either). This means that I won't need to spend 5 minutes writing a 50-character txt! Sounds too fussy? Maybe I'm hard to please. But I'm happy now. :-)

I've found a cool site which allows you to download heaps of free wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones, themes, and games for this mobile. But where to start? There are some pretty cool wallpapers, but I'll get to them later. I've been picking ringtones. So far I've got one for the whanau, one for dance buddies, one for my sweetie ... still looking for work and friends songs. Now, tell me why I'm not just sleeping in on a wet Saturday morning after a looooong week?

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