Thursday, 23 April 2009

Remember to feed the cat

My sweetie forwarded me this video yesterday. As someone who is slowing becoming accustomed to cats (well, just my sweetie's Zed, really), I can now understand where this is coming from and see why it is so funny. It certainly explains those 5am visits when Zed is up and ready to play but we just want to sleep.

I resolve that we ensure three things happen every night before bedtime:
  1. Zed is well-fed
  2. all baseball bats and/or other objects which could do serious night-time damage are kept out of Zed's reach
  3. we never buy a shotgun.
Credits unknown


Sab said...

That vid never gets old... hahahaha. Have you seen the other ones? They are hilarious! I think this one is my fave though.

Yeah... I refrain from having indoor cats... although we have about 15 outdoor ones... hahaha

Kelly said...

I adore my cats but I can totally relate to this video - in fact, it's more or less a reply of 4am this morning.