Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bourne to Rally - Possum Bourne

My sweetie does motorsport. Thankfully, he's not into watching endless rallies on TV but on many a Sunday I become a "racing widow". Bourne to Rally (2003), the autobiography of New Zealand rally car driver Possum Bourne, is on his bookshelf. It was completed a few days before his untimely death in 2003, when he was killed in a non-competitive car crash. Ironic, really.

Despite my sweetie assuring me how safe motorsport is, much of the book serves as a chronology of crashes, breakdowns, fix-ups, and near misses. Although most of the motoring terms and events went straight over my head, it is still very readable. Told with such enthusiasm, Bourne never gave up, even when the chips were down. Perhaps what appeals to me most is the importance Possum placed on family values; every team member became part of his extended family and that is how they collectively directed their passion towards their next goal or event.

Bourne's message from this book is simple: find something you love and do it.
(I'd better get back to looking.)


Julie said...

I've found mine: this taking photos lark. I love it.

mr. nichols said...

mine is writing.

my wife recently had a similar epiphany about finding your passion while we watched "Man on Wire."

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed this book - I bought it when it first came out as a gift for my then boyfriend who was Possum mad - his number plate was PO555M (Possum drove for the Subaru 555 factory team). We took turns reading it and I really enjoyed it. Stinky boyfriend was one of those immature people who gives gifts back when you break up so I have that copy on my shelf. A lovely reminder of what a great driver and all round nice chap Possum was.

As for finding something you love and doing it...I thought I'd found it, but it needs some tweaking. :S