Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Recipe book - work in progress

I have decided to tackle another goal, #46 - Organise recipes. I am trying to convert all of my loose recipes into a digital format. I have yet to find a free online tool which will allow me to enter my own recipes, then organise/categorise them according to ingredients, meals, baking etc (any recommendations? Does this actually exist??). Eventually, I'll write them in HTML so I can publish/store/share them in various ways. In the meantime, I'm creating a long Word document (sans formatting) and am copying various bits of paper with the recipes accumulated from numerous sources, and over many years, which have up until now been stored unceremoniously in a large plastic bag. It's shaping up to be quite a mission.

I have begun by hijacking my mother's original recipe book, thinking that it would be good to capture some family recipes from my childhood. There's only one problem; all of her recipes are "in Italian" ... no, not the Italian language, but with no quantities stated and very vague instructions - that's a very Italian way to cook. Hmm, I can see this goal taking longer that I originally thought.


Random Thoughts said...

I do not know of such a source, but if you find it, please DO share!

Chantel said...

I can't help with a program but I would like to do something similar too. At the moment I have half on my laptop, and half printed...what to do?! :)