Thursday, 27 August 2009

Clothing prize pool

Today's post is brought to you by ... Export Gold. I'm not a beer drinker or even an alcohol drinker generally. My brother brews beer for a boutique brewery and is at New Zealand's Brewnz Awards as I post this. However, today I'm happy to sing the praises of Export Gold because I've scooped another prize pool. My sweetie suggested I join their online database like he had, and somehow my membership came up trumps. Again. ;-)

I've won a range of winter clothing, including a jacket, puffer vest, hoodie, beanie, and t-shirt. The clothing is predominantly black with small, stylish insignia - not cringe-worthy at all. Thanks, Export Gold - and cheers!

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Random Thoughts said...

Yes, I don't enter enough contests... however, you really so win a lot don't you! : ) Good for you!