Sunday, 9 August 2009

Thai Chef's Restaurant

In the early days of this blog, I wrote about cafes and restaurants that I'd been to and tales about what I encountered along the way. It wasn't quite reviewing; it was more about impressions and happenings, and I now use two online forums for reviewing food, service, presentation, etc. We've always been quite cautious about what we spend on eating out, and tougher economic times sees us frequenting more cheap and cheerfuls; the Entertainment Book helps, too.

On Friday night, we tried a new Thai restaurant that we had spotted in the Entertainment Book. Thai Chef's Restaurant came to Wellington about a year ago and replaced Zing! Café, which had been in that location for a number of years. From start to finish, this was a superb meal.

Perhaps what really struck us about Thai Chef's was the creative, and often cheeky, menu. Along with your standard descriptions, a few really caught our attention and made us smile. Here were some of our favourite names for dishes:
C U later noodles
Duck in love
Spicy girl
3 alcoholics
No moon tonight, honey ...
Sleepy pig in bed
Naughty pig
The alcoholic's noodles
So what did we order? A mixed appetiser, then good old red penang curry with beef and chicken with cashew nuts. Absolutely delicious and superbly presented, this is the best Thai meal we have had in a long time. We are keen to try one of the banquet menus sometime and will definitely be back. Oh, and not an alcoholic in sight at our table. ;-)


Vagabonde said...

I like Thai food a lot but sometimes when I go to one of their restaurants I am intimidated by the long menu. I shall try the “good old red penang curry with beef and chicken with cashew nuts” as you say if I can find it on the menu here. Thanks.

Sab said...

Ooh, that looks good! Those names are hilarious!

I've never really had Thai food, but I think that is something the hubby and I should try. I wonder if there are any restaurants that serve Thai in our area...

Kellee said...

Thai is my absolute favourite cuisine & fortunately for me, one of Sydney's best Thai restaraunts is in my suburb :)

I'm a green curry chicken girl myself, or pad thai for lunch.